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At Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant in Dallas, guests eat everything they order, including the platter! Diners enjoy the dining experience that can only be offered by an authentic Ethiopian restaurant as they eat delicious food from the menu with their bare hands and the help of injera. Injera is crepe-like bread that surrounds the platter food is served on. The courses of the meal decorate the platter in small mounds, and guests help themselves to a pinch of delicate Ethiopian cuisine using only pieces of injera as a utensil.

This memorable experience is commonplace at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, especially as the owner, Berhane Kiflom, strives to create Ethiopian food and an environment that is reminiscent of his home country. Hospitality abounds in this establishment, making it even more like one would experience in a true Ethiopian restaurant overseas. Careful steps have been taken to ensure the authentic Ethiopian restaurant experience.

For guests desiring the ultimate in authentic Ethiopian restaurant experiences, the Queen’s Dinner is the perfect choice. This selection begins with a traditional Ethiopian hand-washing ceremony and consists of a three-course meal complete with a glass of wine and coffee. Diners will feel they have been transported to a faraway land and are enjoying the cherished experiences that Berhane and Elsa have built their restaurant around.

What better way to share an intimate dinner with family and friends than at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant with new takes on familiar ingredients and hospitality that abounds. Come by today!

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